Bee Farm

Our Beekeeping Farm

Our bees and its magical world have inspired us to deal with beekeeping.

Our very first beehives were in a forestry apiary at the foothills of Parnitha and we moved them to various districts.

Then, we moved to Orologion Avlonari in Evia, we transported the apiary to our property on top of a hill in Orologion. So we called it Melilofos.

In this part we created our warehouses and the honey extraction and standardization area. We have also expanded our activities and processing to other bee products.

With a modern method of Queen-bees’ breading, we produce queens and royal jelly.

So we have varieties of honey, fresh pollen, royal jelly, propolis, propolis tincture, candle, cosmetic candle, queens, beehives, beeswax, gift wrapping, natural homemade cosmetics and more.

Due to the increase of beehives, we transported the apiary to a nearby field.

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