Villa is located on a hill between villages of Avlonari and Orologio in Evia, offering view in all directions.

Next to the farm there are pine trees and olive groves. We can see the surrounding villages ,as well as the green plain with the platanus trees. The place offers unique tranquility, seclusion and the opportunity for walking to the surrounding paths and dirt roads and special mountain bike trails. At 300 meters there is a small spring with running water, that we can enjoy in the shade of elms.

From the balcony of the house we can see in the background the Aegean Sea, Skyros and the volcano of Oxilithos.

The building is connected to the main avenue with a 250 meter-wide dirt road.

At 900 meters there is a bus stop to Athens.

At 1 km. is the nearest village.

At 2.5 km. there is a super market.

At 3 km. is a small town with shops, market and restaurants.

Due to this point, there are many beaches such as Stomio, Platana, Mourteris (one of the 10 most famous beaches in Greece), Korasida, Petries, Kalamos and others. The nearest Aegean beach is 9 km away, and only 8-10 minutes by car.

In the wider area there are horse riding and water sports facilities.

The area is ideal for nature walks and one-day excursions to the archaeological site of Eretria, Delphi and elsewhere. Upon consultation there is a possibility to go on a beekeeping farm.

The microclimate is mild, offering abundant freshness in the summer.




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