About us

We are Antonis and Elena, a family of beekeepers. Since 2015 we live on a farm on the top of a hill at Orologio, Avlonari Evias.

Growing up in Athens, we were looking for ways to escape from the stressful rhythms of the city. This opportunity was given to us by buying the property, which coincided with the beginning of the economic crisis.

In this area we first installed our beekeeping house and so we gave the estate the name Honey Hill. Today, the beekeeper has relocated to a new apiary in another area.

On the farm still remain villa Melilofos Panorama, micro house Melilofos, our home, a honey and bee products processing workshop. Our philosophy is to be as independent as possible from the imposition of modern culture. We are energetically autonomous and our needs are covered by solar and wind energy. We also maintain olive groves and one-year and perennial organic farming.