• Κρέμες σε συσκευασία δώρου

Our beekeeping unit “Melilofos” is mainly active in the wider region of Evia and due to the great biodiversity of the island, our products are characterized by variety and rare qualities.

We use modern scientific and biological methods with the contribution of the Agricultural University of Athens.

In Melilofos we produce all bee products and we provide them either in raw or processed form.

Our honey comes from native flora and its only “treatment” is its extraction by centrifugation from the honeycombs and its filtration to remove residuals and wax from a stainless steel mesh.

Our pollen and royal jelly are kept only in the freezer.

Propolis is available in its natural form and in tincture.

Our beeswax comes from the honeycomb exfoliation and is ideal for salves and cosmetics.

We also cooperate with beekeepers from all over Greece and we provide them beehives and queens of exceptional characteristics.

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