Melilofos farm

Melilofos is located in the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri in Evia near the beaches of Mourteri, Agios Mercourios, Korasida, Thapsa, Stomio, Platana, Kalamos, Agioi Apostoloi and others in the central Aegean, 16km from the port to Skyros and other Greek islands. Also close to Melilofos are the climbing slopes in Manikia. It is offered for ideal holidays in summer and all year round.


At the top of a hill surrounded by pines, olive groves and low vegetation we formed the farm “Melilofos”, with an area of 8 acres, because we were enchanted by the panoramic view of the landscape.

Here we cultivate olive trees and harvest annual and perennial organic products of the Evian land.

We are energy autonomous and cover our needs with solar and wind energy.

The first building of the farm, consists of the autonomous maisonette “Villa Melilofos Panorama“, in which we host 6-8 guests and our house (2 people).

In the second building, “Melilofos Studio” we accommodate 2-4 guests.

We share the outdoor areas, the pool, the patio-bbq and the parking lot.

The impressive panoramic view and especially from the infinity edge pool will fascinate you.

Follow the surrounding paths, which are offered for hiking, contact with nature, physical and mental well-being.

We are located at a distance of just 200 meters with a passable dirt road, near the main avenue (Kymi-Chania), at a key starting point for all your excursions.

The unique quiet and comfortable spaces will offer you the best conditions for moments of relaxation and rest, so that you have a pleasant stay and a wonderful vacation.

Useful information for shops, services and points of interest in the area you will find on the page useful guides.